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Custom parts - welding studs

Custom Welding Studs

Thanks to our in-house toolmaking, we are able to respond quickly and simply to special customer requests. For example, we can manufacture intermediate lengths with modified length tolerances and/or with a miniature flange (remaining flange size = thread Ø + 0.4) according to a drawing or diagram. The thread tolerance classes for the threaded studs as custom production may be "6e", "6f" or "6g". Custom threads such as lacquer groove, coarse thread or metric fine thread can be produced.

Send us your specification/drawing or simply call us.
Our Engineering department will let you know what is practicable.

Here, we would like to show you an example of what we can produce for you.


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Alexandra Pili

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Sales of welding screws and welding studs for tip ignition and short cycle, as well as screw-and-washer assembles and other cold-formed parts
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