• Titelbild Standard Schmeck Verbindungstechnik

Welding elements

Diverse Schweißelemente für verschiedene Verfahrenstechniken

The manufacture of welding studs for tip ignition and short cycle has been one of our core areas of expertise for more than 40 years. 
Welding screws in accordance with DIN 34817, Schmeck factory regulations and various automotive standards have been included in our product range for over 15 years
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Equipment and systems engineering

Unsere Geräte- und Anlagentechnik

We have two different versions of stud welding machines for tip ignition.

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Push-fit technology

Einpressbolzen mit Rändel

The push-fit and rivet process can be integrated free of charge into the production sequence and is selected if welding is not appropriate or possible.

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CNC turned parts and milled parts

Bolzenhalter für Flachstecker mit Gummiringen

We produce CNC turned parts on machines with powered tools up to a diameter of 350 mm.
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Screws/cold-formed parts

Innensechskantschraube mit Unterlegteil

Screw-and-washer assemblies, cold-formed parts and many other joining elements are available with different drive forms to solve a variety of fastening and joining problems.
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Standard-Bolzenhalter für Schweißgeräte

Accessories for stud welding machines
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